Jumat, 18 April 2014

Film Producer Question 'Shoes Dahlan' Disappear in Theaters

One producer of "Shoes Dahlan" Rizalludin Kurniawan questioned the film by Benny Setiawan lowered it from a number of theaters in the country. Yet the public response to the film is still high.

"We certainly did not update (number of viewers), but the response to our society is very high. Koq They questioned why the movie is not there," said Rizalludin told reporters on Friday (18/4) night.

Rizalludin explained, until Wednesday (16/4) movie "Dahlan Shoes" is still running in 70 theaters across Indonesia. However, drastic changes occur a day later, precisely on Thursday (17/4).

The film tells the story of the spirit of a child in rural areas in pursuit of the ideals at the center of various limitations that only appear in six theaters across Indonesia.

"We are surprised why so direct drop," said Rizal.
This obviously upset. Campaign schedule that has them in the design of this long holiday weekend so it failed.

"Very disturbing (promotional schedule), because now the long holiday and had a lot of families who want to watch this movie," said Rizal.
Rizal explained that he had already spoken verbally to the movie theaters to post up to three weeks.

"Then why the sudden (today) Thursday gone down (from the movies)., But on Monday (21/4) we will meet the 21 (read: Twenty One), whom they had met and will explain., But we strongly deplore, "Rizal said.
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Citing data from filmindonesia.or.id number of spectators, until now the movie "Dahlan Shoes" won the 51 619 spectators. This amount is much higher than the other two Indonesian film that aired adjacent to "Dahlan Shoes".


Rabu, 16 April 2014

Logitech rewarded Five Red Dot Product Design Awards 2014

Five products Logitech International awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Awards 2014 as the most desirable products thanks to the excellence and perfection of design.

As the product of which is the Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse, Logitech PowerShell Controller & Battery. Also won an award at the Logitech G602 Laser Gaming products Mouse, Ultimate Ears UE Boom and Logitech Illuminated Keyboard K830 Living-Room.

Fifth Logitech's products are recognized for its elegant design and innovative. All products were successfully hit 40 Red Dot Design Awards jury 2014 consisting of world-class experts and appear foremost among the thousands of other products that go into the valuation list in 19 different categories.
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"An honor for Logitech because it has gained recognition as one of the products with the best design and the ability in the world," said Sutanto Kurniadih, Logitech Country Manager Indonesia, Tuesday (15/04/2014).

He said, in addition to as a form of recognition of the quality and performance, this award is also a manifestation of our seriousness in presenting the best products for consumers and we will continue to uphold this commitment.

Of the five products awarded the Red Dot Design Award 2014, three of which are already available in the Indonesian market. These products include the Logitech G602 Laser Gaming Mouse, Logitech Ultrathin Logitech Touch Mouse T630 and PowerShell Controller & Battery.


Education Minister M Nuh Protest UN participants on "Twitter"

National exams for high school level and the equivalent who has just finished yesterday reap a lot of complaints from participants . They feel like a guinea pig to the provisions made by the Ministry of Education and Culture to UN 2014.

The participants are literate Twitter UN issued guts uneknya to the Minister of Education and Culture Mohammad Nuh via Twitter account @ Mohammad_Nuh_ . Grade 3 students who just implement the UN felt to be a guinea pig for several reasons . This is because when they were in 6th grade , they became the first batch that implement the National Standard School Final Examination ( UASBN ) .

UASBN is a type of test that existed before the UN and was first held in 2008 . Then when they were grade 3 junior , they returned to the first class that implements the National Examination with five pack about .

The year before the UN only provide about two packages . Finally, when they were sitting in 3rd grade high school , they go back into the first class that implements the UN about the international standard . In addition, the new Education Minister Mohammad Nuh told about a matter of international standards on the first day of the UN .

Our primary first UN , our junior with 5 acc UN , our high school with 20 acc UN international standards . We are not guinea pigs sir ! @ Mohammad_Nuh_ , write the Twitter account @ dewaagung_ owners .

Not complaining pack , we still remain a business venture but you should be thinking is also not all children have brain math olympiad @ Mohammad_Nuh_ , wrote Twitter account @ uyasuur .

Thanks pack sll menjadikn years I became a guinea pig . Problem UNnya greatly deviated from the One- & tryout2 :) @ Mohammad_Nuh_ @ Kemendikbud_RI , said Natasya Princess Dewi via Twitter @ tasyawidik .

Welcome pack @ Mohammad_Nuh_ UN already finished , Just hoping not until keulang again , the education system is still the traditional international UNnya eeh , said Desti Laili via Twitter account @ relatsani_yoo .

Got a mention of the student participants in the UN Mohammad Nuh make finally spoke . Through his Twitter account , too, he tried to answer the complaints of the students through the hashtag # UN2014

1 . Adik2 # UN2014 who participated , thank you for your response about the difficulty level .
2 . If there is a problem that it is difficult , it is reasonable because there are always new questions in each test . This is the essence of the exam 1 . # UN2014
3 . In previous years students also always there / I who find it difficult as it gets a new nut # UN2014
4 . The new Problem nut is not done once the brothers have encountered are found in the exercises . # UN2014
5 . We are confident about the new employable right dg o / adik2 who had studied hard , although it is difficult # UN2014
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Earlier, Mohammad Nuh announced about the National Examination 2014 has about the differences with the previous year . About the UN in 2014 using the TIMSS ( Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study) and PISA ( Programme for International Student Assessment ) . The method is a method to measure the ability of knowledge of international standards .


The cost of making the Samsung Galaxy S5 "only" Rp2, 94 million

IHS analysis firm released a report on the estimated cost of making the Samsung Galaxy S5 which cost about 256 U.S. dollars ( Rp2 , 94 million ) , slightly more expensive than the Galaxy S4 is worth 244 U.S. dollars ( Rp2 , 8 million ) in 2013 .

The most expensive component of the Galaxy S5 is a 5.1 inch full screen HD Super AMOLED worth 63 dollars , 12 dollars cheaper than a 5-inch screen Galaxy S4 belongs .

According to GSM Arena page , Samsung seems to successfully streamline production costs screen to get a cheaper price .
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While a combination of DRAM and flash memory cost 33 dollars .

Interestingly , according to IHS , fingerprint sensor Galaxy S5 only spend 4 dollars , which is significantly less expensive than the fingerprint sensor that the iPhone 5 cost 15 U.S. dollars for each phone .

For heart rate biosensor designed Maxim , Samsung spend 5 dollars for each device .

The estimated cost of this just gives an idea of ​​the cost of the smartphone , not including the cost of R & D , software , distribution and marketing .

In Indonesia , the Samsung Galaxy S5 sold Rp8.4 million .


Minggu, 13 April 2014

His house was robbed, Farah Quinn Cancel Vacation This Year

Cooking show host on television , Farah Quinn ( 34 ) , will cancel a vacation plans this year . Chef who does not call destination and vacation time revealed that the cancellation was done because the house has been robbed on Thursday ( 4/10/2014 ) ago .

" In fact , it's been working like hell , this year could be forced baseball vacation , " said Farah , who was interviewed by covering the at his residence , region of Bangka , Mampang , South Jakarta , Saturday ( 12/04/2014 ) .

Farah stated that indeed there was a robbery at his home on Thursday at approximately 3:00 pm . When a crime is in progress , Farah along with his son , Armand Fauzan Quinn , was in Singapore .

For what happens to him then, Farah felt sad and shocked . In fact , he admitted , during the time he always felt safe in his home because of the services of security personnel and the use of surveillance cameras ( CCTV ) .

Although it can not mention the total material losses they experienced , Farah stated that he is afflicted with large losses due to the robbery .

" Most of the jewelry that has sentimental value missing for me , " he said .

Currently , according to Farah , the police are investigating further to find out the identity of the perpetrator of the robbery , knowing the motive robbery , and arrested the culprit . Related suspicion about the possibility of close people around him involved , he states only hope that quickly revealed the identity of the culprit .
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" For me , they ( the people close around him ) I have considered as his own family , " he stressed .


Kamis, 10 April 2014

'Voice and SMS Almost worthless'

Jakarta - cellular operator Telkomsel aware could no longer rely on revenue from traditional telecommunications services such as voice and SMS that have entered the red ocean in recent years .

" Voice and SMS is almost worthless , can no longer be the largest source of revenue for the company . We have to go into another model in order to drive revenue to continue to rise , " said Maria Kacaribu , Vice President of Digital Lifestyle Telkomsel at Jakarta .

As is known , Telkomsel recorded revenue of Rp 60 trillion over the past year . Contributions voice and SMS is still great , but it is recognized Maria continued to fall percentage . While broadband data and digital services contrary , soaring rapidly .
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" The data that was just a value added services for voice and SMS , is now the opposite . In other countries , so only voice and SMS packages for sales and digital broadband data services , " he said .

So far in terms of revenue contribution , this is a new digital services accounted for approximately 20 % portion of the total revenue of the company in 2013 ago. But in 2015 , the digital service is targeted to contribute 33 % or one-third of the total revenue .

" Digital services will be the new engines of Telkomsel 's revenue growth with increasing number of smartphone users in Indonesia is quite rapid . Use of smartphones will drive the growth of mobile internet users , " he said .

Telkomsel reported that there were 60.5 million subscribers using data services on its network . This figure could still continue to grow , given the number of users of basic phones and feature phones , which are likely to migrate to smartphones as more inexpensive price .

" Of the total 131 million subscribers Telkomsel currently , 47 % of whom are still using the basic phone that can only voice and SMS . Rest already using feature phones and smartphones , " said Maria .

Restricted Parking, Bristol City Traders Protest Rise Tank

The merchants in the city of Bristol , England , staged a protest on Thursday ( 04/10/2014 ) , related plan of the local government issued a parking ban rules . The protest was done by driving a tank around town.

Traders are driving a Sherman tank made ​​in 1942, used in World War II . They drove the combat vehicles to convey their message to the Mayor of Bristol .

" The village of Clifton traders maintain their livelihood , " said a banner hung in the tank cannon .

Bristol Mayor George Ferguson is planning to impose restrictions on parking scheme in the area of the city , in an attempt to restrict the entry of vehicles from outside the city .

Under the new scheme , residents of Bristol have to pay 48 pounds , or nearly $ 1 million a year to obtain a parking permit . Meanwhile , in some areas of the city, long limited to a maximum vehicle parking for one hour .

However , the mayor plans traders feared would destroy their livelihood . Similarly, the BBC reported .

" We chose the tank because it represents the power of the vehicle . 's Also a way to defend the area during the war , " said protest leader , Tony Miles .

" Residents of Clifton middle voice and declare that something must be done about the parking problem , " added Miles .
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It is not known , the response of Mayor George Ferguson over frenzied action that most citizens . He commented only briefly through his Twitter account . " The longer this problem makes even less sense , " the mayor said Ferguson .